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Group Introduction

Zhejiang HeKang Medical Investment Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (the abbreviation is HeKang Medical Care)

Zhejiang HeKang Medical Investment Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (the abbreviation is HeKang Medical Care) is a large hospital chain management organization with the brand of trauma surgery and rehabilitation medicine established by Dr. Qian Peixin. It is a leading enterprise in Zhejiang province, the joint sponsor of Zhejiang Association of Medical Institution. The headquarters is located in Hangzhou. The group pursues "humanism, sincerity, innovation and refinement”. The core concept is "people-oriented; setting up the hospital by virtue". And the strategic target is “establishing the centenary hospital, the centenary brand, the centenary industry”. It formed an elite team consisted of consultants Ye Zaiyuan and Chen Xinnian, more than 100 medical experts, including Yang Bo, Zhu Shifa, and hospital management experts, which provided high quality medical services for patients in the under hospital. Company’s vision: let our hospital become the patients’ destination; let our business (hospital) become the retirement of every employee.

After 2009, the group seize the opportunity to support the social capital and private medical career to recruit talents and attract capital. So the company’s scale has been rapidly expanded. Now, it has one wholly-owned holding equipment company, one hospital management consulting company, two health industry companies, one internet medical company and several second-level general hospitals in Zhengjiang, Jiangxi and Anhui, which has a continuously increasing operating efficiency. In 2013, there is a deep cooperation between the company and the government, so the Second People's Hospital of Changxing County whose investment was more than 400 million Yuan officially opened. Recently, the hospital with 24000 square meters room area has finished and stared to use. In March, 2014, the HeKang Rehabilitation Hospital officially opened in Hangzhou which had 600 beds, and was the first second-level rehabilitation hospital in Zhejiang province. The Medical Industrial Park located in Jianggan, Hangzhou province with about 200 acres and more than 50 thousand square meters built-up area. In June, 2016, the HeKang Elderly Hospital in Hangzhou with 800 beds was established, and was decided to open in October. The company cooperated with the investment company and the financial group, and set up a good partnership with Taiwan, the United States and other internal and external medical institutions. It has planned to construct trauma and rehabilitation network which takes the Yangtze River Delta as the center, and forge national trauma and rehabilitation chain brand within five to ten years. The company agglomerated practical experience in medical clinical and hospital management of Dr. Qian Peixin, the founder of the company, and formed a good business philosophy which took the public welfare as the cornerstone of public welfare. Under the guidance of the philosophy, companies and their medical institutions acquired social benefits and economic benefits, and received a wide recognition from the local government and the people. It has become the leading enterprise of social capital medicine in Zhejiang province.

Three business section of the company: Trauma surgery general hospital chain、Rehabilitation hospital chain、A combination of medical care and nursing.